1 Frame Per Second

During my couple of years as a player and moderator at whatthemovie, I have accrued over eight thousand still images from hundreds of films. In this feature, which I have crudely given the moniker “1FPS”, I hope to use this abundant resource to showcase some shots from some of the most visually appealing films.

By the way, movie fans could do far worse than to sign up for whatthemovie . It’s an addictive game that focuses on the visual side of movies, with a decent troll-free community, receptive admins who continue to improve the site, and a system which makes it very easy to contribute. If you sign up then send me a fellowship request.

20th Aug 2010 Black Narcissus [1947]
31st Aug 2010 A Matter of Life and Death [1946]
04th Sep 2010 Singin’ in the Rain [1952]
12th Sep 2010 Ashes of Time [1994]
26th Sep 2010 La Antena [2007]

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