Duncan Jones, writer, director and all-round nice bloke just tweeted:


Finally got a chance to show a cut of Source Code to a small audience last night… saw a woman in front of me jump in her seat! Victory!

Jones was responsible for bringing us the deceptively low-budget and shamefully under-marketed “Moon“, an exceptional claustrophobic sci-fi mystery. If the extras on the Moon blu-ray are to be believed, “Source Code” is in the same canon as the first film, and there may even be a hint as to what happened to our hero Sam Bell….

No dates for Source Code as yet, but I’m hopeful that a positive test screening means less time in post-production hell, which in turn leads to a speedy release. I hope the movie bosses treat Jones’ new work with a little more respect after the inadequate marketing and extremely limited theatrical release of Moon didn’t stop it being received so well by audiences and critics alike. Having man-of-the-moment Jake Gyllenhaal attached shouldn’t hurt it’s chances either…..

I wish Duncan Jones all the luck he deserves in Source Code’s release.

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