a.k.a I’m a sucker for targeted advertising.

I’m a huge fan of early German film, especially Fritz Lang and FW Murnau. I’m also a huge fan of the Eureka! Masters of Cinema DVD and BluRay releases.

Combine the two, and my world explodes. So when Eureka just mailed me about their upcoming release of the finally fully-restored “Metropolis” it was an insta-purchase. I already own the best version currently available (the previous Eureka! release) but this new release has all the previously missing footage, remastered at 1080p for BD, some incredible extras and is generally one of the sexiest steelbooks I have ever seen :

The Holy Grail

Special Features:

  • • 150-minute reconstructed and restored 2010 version (including 25 minutes of footage previously thought lost to the world)
  • • Separate DVD and BD editions with wraparound embossed sleeve, or Ltd Ed Steelbook Dual Format edition
  • • Pristine new HD transfer (1080p on Blu-ray)
  • • New 2010 symphony orchestra studio recording of the original 1927 Gottfried Huppertz score in 5.1
  • • Newly translated optional English subtitles as well as the original German intertitles
  • • Full-length audio commentary by David Kalat and Jonathan Rosenbaum
  • • Die Reise nach Metropolis (2010, 53 minutes), a documentary about the film
  • • 2010 re-release trailer
  • • 56-page booklet featuring archival interviews with Fritz Lang, a 1927 review by Luis Buñuel, articles by Jonathan Rosenbaum and Karen Naundorf, and restoration notes by Martin Koerber.

And more!

These are limited edition, first come first served. To order your own click here . It’s a bargain at 25 pounds for the dual-format BD + 2 DVDs. I can’t wait for this to take its place in my DVD collection.