Looking through the referral stats for the blog it is funny how some people have stumbled here. According to the stats, here are a few of the search queries that have pointed people to this blog….

fat naked guy

My first thought was “How the hell does WordPress know I’m fat and naked! Are they spying on me!?“. Then I realised this was a term I used to describe a cinema owner in the article: A rant : 5 things I hate about the cinema“. Phew, I’ll open the curtains again.


I guess I can thank Takashi Miike for that one. His movie Visitor Q appeared in my A-Z of under-appreciated cinema, and I quote “This is not a film for the easily offended or squeamish, and on paper the goal seems insurmountable – to construct a situational comedy and family drama by using themes of incest, necrophilia, rape, murder and violence – but Miike very nearly accomplishes it” . I guess it’s only a matter of time before the necrophiles, rapists and murderers turn up. Thanks Miike.

what is a fartweasel?

The person who came to this blog with that search would have left with his curiosity unsated – truth is I have no idea what a fartweasel is. Google must have indexed this blog when this tweet was showing in my twitter widget. It was in turn a reference to one of the many fantastical and prosaic tweets of Stephen Fry.

imdb top 250 shitty

Well yes that’s the general consensus. However as I discussed in my first article “IMDb Top 250? Top POO 50 more like!” it also has its benefits. The level of maturity in the article’s title is indicative of the coarse language and juvenile temperament utilised throughout my first post. Apologies in advance. If you don’t like it I’ll get my dad to beat up your dad, pooface.

Kelly Brook 1920 1080

I feel I owe an apology to the poor young man (I think it’s safe to assume this visitor was male) who came here looking for a high res wallpaper of the beautiful Ms Brook.  Instead of Kelly’s sublime curves, he was confronted by the arguably less attractive Kirk Douglas in my Paths of Glory wallpaper. This page also happened to have a tweet next to it at the time which mentioned Kelly Brook in Piranha 3d – hence the google result. Oops. To make up for it, here’s a wallpaper for Mr Anonymous Internet Perv .


Prettier than Kirk Douglas