Just read on the BBC news website Tony Curtis has sadly passed away today, at the age of 85

I will always remember Curtis as Joe / Josephine in Billy Wilder and Izzy Diamond’s “Some Like it Hot” – arguably one of the greatest comedies ever created, and certainly one of my personal favourite films. While he was really the straight-man to Jack Lemmon‘s comedic genius, he still created more than his fair share of laughs (notably his Cary Grant impression as Shell Oil Jr), and infamously had intimate off-screen knowledge of Marilyn Monroe.

He was one half of a number of fantastic screen partnerships though. In “The Defiant Ones” he earned an oscar nod for his partnership with Sidney Poitier, and his dialogue riffing with Burt Lancaster in “The Sweet Smell of Success” is the stuff of legends.

So farewell Mr Curtis, you lived a blessed life and left a lasting legacy of some great films. Tonight, in your honour, I will finally get round to watching “Flesh and Fury” that has been gathering dust on my shelf for some time.

You will be missed.