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It’s been a few weeks since the last give-away, where subscriber Chris became the owner of Powell & Pressburger’s “A Matter of Life and Death”. To Chris – if you have watched the film it would be great if you could let me know your thoughts on it, and I’ll publish it on the blog. To all the other people who subscribed then and are still sticking around – I thank you and applaud your masochistic tendencies.

So it’s about time for another give-away. This time round it’s another film by the Archers – the Oscar winning Black Narcissus, a story of sexual tension, suppressed desire, and corruption of faith. The film is shot in the unsurpassed Technicolor style of the Archers and painted with the beautiful cinematography of legendary Jack Cardiff. Take a look at this 1FPS for a few example shots >>

The Region 2 DVD – released by Network – is a superb package. It’s a digitally restored, colour-corrected transfer, and is the best possible representation of the film currently available on R2 DVD. Here’s a link to the DVD on Amazon.

Features :

  • “Painting with Light” – a Jack Cardiff documentary
  • Film commentary with Martin Scorcese and an aged but insightful Michael Powell
  • “A profile of Black Narcissus” – movie documentary
  • A nice little commemorative booklet.

Contest closed see here

All you have to do to win this copy is subscribe to this blog by email. On the menu on the right enter your email address to subscribe. Make sure you use a valid email address or I will not be able to contact you should you win. Once subscribed you will be sent an email, click the link, and the following button to confirm your subscription. Current subscribers are also eligible to win, no need to do anything extra. You will need to stay subscribed or I will not have access to your details when the contest closes. Once the contest closes you are free to unsubscribe should my ramblings offend or bore you.

  • Some boring but important notes.
  • Only people who can play Region 2 / PAL discs should apply, but the contest is not limited to geographical location.
  • The contest will remain open until the 20th October, when I will select at random a winner from the current blog subscribers.
  • I will obviously need the postal address of the winner to send the DVD to. If you are at all paranoid or concerned about this then please do not enter. You can trust me. I’m too lazy to do any damage with it. This address will only be required once I have selected a winner, so other than your email address no information will be collected by me until this point.
  • I personally promise your email address will not be used outside of this contest, or passed to any 3rd parties. I don’t have any way of proving this, you will just have to trust me. If you are concerned, don’t enter.
  • I can accept no liability once I have posted this DVD. I will get a receipt that I can provide as proof-of-postage, but for financial reasons am unable to send it registered delivery. If the winner doesn’t get the DVD, blame the mail service.
  • This is meant to be a fun, informal exercise. All correspondence in both directions should be taken as informal and not legally binding. I forfeit any costs or liability above and beyond postage of the prize.

While I realise it may lessen your own odds, it would be great if you could let others know about the contest. To reiterate, a winner will be selected on 20th October Good luck and thanks for reading!

Contest closed see here