I’m a recent convert to classic, cult, and little known cinema. Having been bought up in the 80s, I was bought up on a film diet of cheesy pap, and previously considered “world cinema” to be the likes of Crocodile Dundee and Cool Runnings. Hopefully now I am a little more knowledgable. The purpose of this blog is to try and document my personal journey into film discovery. Whether it be World Cinema, Cult, Classic, Arthouse, I’m desperately playing catch-up on the history and under-represented areas of cinema, and I believe if I force myself to write a little about the films I am watching, it will help the films “stick” in my mind and encourage me to think about films a little differently – more analytically.

I will try to write a review, or at least a brief comment, for every film I see, and write frequent top 10 lists and articles to try and structure my learning in a practical way. I welcome any critique, recommendations, hate-mail or pictures of ladies in knickers.

Update: As the majority of the hits on my blog are for wallpapers for classic films, I will also try to make a high-res wallpaper for each of the films I watch. Let me know if you have any requests, or want any in a different resolution!

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