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July 2010
July 13th IMDb Top 250?
July 14th Source Code Positive test screening
July 15th Free Films!
July 17th Hitchcock’s McGuffin
July 26th The Yes Men Fix the World

August 2010
Aug 12th 35 films in 2 minutes
Aug 20th The images of Black Narcissus [1947]
Aug 25th HD wallpapers for classic films #1
Aug 26th Kodachrome colour tests 1922
Aug 29th A rant: 5 things I hate about the cinema
Aug 30th The greatest Director cameo ever…
Aug 31st Pre-order 2010 release of Metropolis

September 2010
Sep 03rd Crazy search queries…
Sep 18th My new movie memorabilia
Sep 26th A return to noir…

October 2010
Oct 10 Scarface [1932] and its X motif
Oct 16 Bogie’s Blooper reel

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