The Lady From Shanghai [1947] wallpapers


2 1920 x 1080 wallpapers for Orson Welles’ “The Lady From Shanghai“, a film which is laughably bad at times but interspersed with moments of sheer genius.

Case in point : the final showdown in the funhouse. Welles’ ludicrous Irish brogue, messily explaining the twists and turns of the convoluted plot, but shot with tension and vision in an unsettling backdrop of a hall of mirrors. Keep an eye out for possibly the most over-acted false limp in movie history at around the 3 minute mark.


The Public Enemy [1931] wallpapers

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Thought I would follow up yesterday’s Scarface post with a couple of 1920×1080 wallpapers for another great pre-code prohibition gangster story, “The Public Enemy” starring the legendary James Cagney in one of his most iconic roles. 3 are very similar, but I couldn’t make up my mind which one I preferred.

Pickup on South Street wallpaper


A 1920×1080 wallpaper for Sam Fuller‘s outstanding tale of crime and espionage “Pickup on South Street” starring the fantastic Richard Widmark. Read the review here, or click the image for full widescreen 1920×1080

Baraka HD Wallpaper

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The solar eclipse title screen for the excellent visual documentary Baraka is such an incredible image, I decided to use it “as is” for a wallpaper, with just a slight contrast tweak. Click for full 1920×1080.