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Who said Wednesday was a dull day? Time to pick the winner of the Black Narcissus DVD giveaway. Using a random number selector at, today’s winner and the new owner of the beautiful restored edition of Black Narcissus is….

Simon Andrews

Congrats Simon, I’ll be in touch and you’ll have it faster than you can say “the repressed sexual desires of nuns”.

In related news, Chris (the winner of the last DVD – A Matter of Life and Death) dropped me a mail last night and gave his thoughts on the film;

“…having read the synopsis on the back, I must admit I was expecting something excessively cheesy and perhaps a bit weak, despite what you’d said about enjoying it. I was glad to be proven wrong. Within the first few minutes of the film I was drawn into the emotion between Peter and June, and for me, the very “real” connection between them that remained throughout was a nice contrast to the somewhat surreal overall theme of the film. I think there were several contrasting elements like this that added to the overall impact of the film, such as the shift between black and white, and colour, sometimes vivid colour, to represent Heaven and Earth respectively.

I could go on and write a lot more, but as it’s getting late/early, I’ll just finish by saying that I can see why this is considered by many to be a classic, and has reminded me that I really should hunt down and watch a few more like it, if for no other reason than to indulge in a bit of classic British dialogue.”

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts Chris, glad you liked it and could appreciate the oh-so-British “tally-ho” delivery of English gent David Niven.

Thanks for reading everyone. As I said last time you can unsubscribe now but it would be great if you stayed around – I’ll have another DVD giveaway lined up for a few weeks time. I’ll perhaps make the next one more of a contest/quiz.

Take care.


DVD Contest Winner

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It’s the 16th and time to pick a winner for the DVD contest. I must say I was pleasantly surprised with how many people signed up, so thank you all for that.

So now, using a number selector on, the winner is….

drum roll……

Chris Hodgson

Congrats Chris, I’ll be in touch to gather your postal details and send the DVD on its way. I hope you enjoy it, and would be great if you let us know your thoughts on the film once you’ve watched it.

Thanks for everyone who signed up, feel free to unsubscribe now, but it would be great if you stayed. In a week or so I will announce a new contest, so stay tuned if you would like a chance to win more freebies.

Thanks for playing, and congrats again Chris.