It’s pretty easy to find a nice high-res wallpaper for the latest blockbuster. Unfortunately fans of older, classic, or more obscure cinema are woefully under-served in this department. So I will attempt to fill this gap and create some high-resolution wallpapers for classic and cult film, using only (where possible) shots from the DVD’s themselves and Gimp’s own tools.

As you are about to see, I’m no graphic designer, but I enjoyed making them and learning to use Gimp, and beggars can’t be choosers!

At the moment they are tailored for my 1080p TV screen, so they are all 1920×1080. If you would like one in a smaller resolution or non-widescreen aspect ratio, please let me know in a comment below the post and I’ll try to accommodate. Would also welcome any requests.

24/08/10Collection #1 – including Metropolis, The Third Man and M.
27/08/10Punishment Park – A single wallpaper in a variety of colours.
28/08/10 Paths of Glory – 1920×1080
29/08/10 Killer’s Kiss – A simple wallpaper with a few more stylised versions.
29/08/10 The Killing – Continuing the Kubrick series.
30/08/10 Sunrise – 1920×1080 wallpaper for FW Murnau’s classic.
01/09/10 Tanin no kao – a.k.a The Face of Another
02/09/10 Hitchcock Mosaic – mosaics of Hitch made with stills from his films.
05/09/10 The Savage Innocents – 1920×1080 using a publicity still.
11/09/10 Baraka – 1920×1080 using the title screen.
16/09/10 2001 – 1920×1080
16/09/10 More 2001 – the whole list of 2001 wallpapers
19/09/10 Mr Smith Goes to Washington – 1920×1080
20/09/10 The Night of the Hunter – Chil..dren! Chil..dren!
21/09/10 The Italian Job – Hang on a minute lads, I’ve got a great idea!
22/09/10 Pickup On South Street – Richard Widmark in commie espionage noir thriller
03/10/10 Flesh and Fury – HD wallpaper for this early Tony Curtis vehicle.
04/10/10 Five Graves to Cairo – HD wallpaper for this early Billy Wilder film.
07/10/10 Twenty-Four Eyes – Kinoshita’s 1954 masterpiece.
08/10/10 Crossfire – Detective noir message-movie starring Robert Mitchum.
10/10/10 Scarface – [1932] wallpapers in an article highlighting its X motif
11/10/10 The Public Enemy – [1931] 3 wallpapers
12/10/10 Force of Evil – [1948] Wallpaper plus a short review
15/10/10 Woman in the Window – [1944] Mid-life crisis ends in murder.
18/10/10 Sahara – [1943] Bogart takes on the Nazi’s in this desert war film.
19/10/10 Dead Reckoning – [1947] Bogart shines in a mediocre murder mystery.
21/10/10 Black Narcissus – [1947] The Archer’s tale of supressed desires.
22/10/10 Dead End – [1937] 1920×1080 wallpaper
26/10/10 The Lady From Shanghai – [1947] 2 1920×1080 wallpapers
03/11/10 Spartacus – [1960] 2 1920×1080 wallpapers

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